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Strategic objective

To be a pacemaker in lightweight integrated die-casting body mold base for automobiles.

Premium Quality since 1983

Kejia (Changxing) Mold Base Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Jiayou Mold Material Co., Ltd.) was established in 1983, with a history of 38 years. It is located in the national high-tech development zone of Taihu Street, Changxing County, Huzhou City, covering an area of 100 acres, with a new factory building and office space of 100,000 square meters. The total investment of the project is 560 million yuan. Now we have introduced CNC machining center, CNC deep hole drilling, sawing machine, CMM, 200-ton crane, mold turning machine and other production and auxiliary equipment. After the completion of the project, the production capacity of the mold base production line with an annual output of 3,000 sets will be formed. With more than 400 employees, it is a joint-stock enterprise specializing in the sale of mold steel and mold bases.

Corporate purposes :

High standard, refinement, zero defect.

Work Philosophy :

Be careful and meticulous to guarantee high quality.

Company mission :

Committed to customer satisfaction and employee happiness.

Enterprise spirit :

Honesty, innovation, responsibility and win-win.

Show Of Power

The company has invested hundreds of millions of RMB to build a high-standard modern production line.

The company has invested hundreds of millions of RMB to build a high-standard modern production line. With advanced equipment from Italy, Japan and Taiwan and a large heat treatment furnace up to 6000mm*3000mm*2500mm, Kejia can process the largest plate size up to 6000mm*4500mm*1900mm. And it has a large-scale die forging hydraulic press of 8000T, which can forge various die steel modules below 60T.
The company has introduced powerful and extensive product design and processing software (CAD/CAM), and uses Unigraphics NX as the main software, proeWildfire, powermill, Cimatron, AutoCAD and others as auxiliary software to form the management system integrating manufacturing, quality control and after-sales service network .

    Machining Capability - Large Saw

    • 1.15 Hexing sawing machines.
    • 2.The maximum working stroke is 2500*1600*2700, and load bearing is 40T.

    Machining Capability - Rough Milling Machines

    • 1.Planer type milling machine.
    • 2.15 large and small milling machines.
    • 3.The maximum machining size of rough milling is 5000*3000*2000.

    Machining Capability - Horizontal Boring and Milling Machines

    • 1.Floor table, horizontal boring and milling machine.
    • 2.The maximum processing size of open large and rough is 5000*3000*2000.
    • 3.Rough machining of the mold frame of the overall rear warehouse bridge structure of the new energy vehicle, and the gross weight of a single blank is 85 tons.

    Machining Capability - Drilling Machines

    • 1.5 setsof radial drill.

    Machining Capability—Large Line of CNC Machining Workshop

    • 1.The maximum processing stroke is 6000*4500*1500, the maximum load is 80T, and machining accuracy is +0.02~0.05.
    • 2.The machining center includes more than 70 sets of various equipments such as Kunming Machine Tool, Xiehong, Defeng, Haitian, Weili, Daikin, etc.

    Machining Capability - CNC Machining Shop Small Line

    • 1.Install CNC equipment:
    • 6000*5000(2 units)
    • 4000*3000(2 units)
    • 4000*3000(5-axis/2 sets)
    • 3000*2000(high-speed milling/3 sets)

    Machining Capability - Deep Hole Drilling & 5-Axis Deep Hole Drilling

    • 1.Five-axis deep hole drill: the maximum stroke is 3000*2000*1700, the load is 25T, and machining accuracy is 0.1MM
    • 2.Zhongjie 6 deep hole drills: the maximum processing stroke is 4400*3000*1500, the maximum load is 35T, and the processing accuracy is 0.1MM

    Machining Capability - Horizontal Machining Center

    • 1.Side Machining of Audi V8 Cylinder Block Mould Frame.
    • 2.15 horizontal machining centers & 5+2 machining centers.
    • 3.The maximum working stroke is 4000*3000*1250, the load is 40T, and the machining accuracy is 0.02~0.05MM.

    Machining Capability—Three-coordinate Testing Room

    • 1.4 sets of Sirui three-coordinate detection.
    • 2.The maximum working stroke is 2500*3300*1500, and the load is 80T.

    Machining Capability--Crane

    • 1.The maximum load is 100T/80T, and the maximum load of the crane under construction is 200 tons.

Smelting Steel Ingots

Steelmaking cast ingots

Forging Blank

After the forging press has been upsetting and drawn twice, the length is determined according to the size of the material.

Incoming Sawing Machine

After the forging is formed, the risers at both ends are sawed off, and the spectroscopic metallographic inspection is carried out.

Milling Machine Roughing Both Sides

Ultrasonic nondestructive testing is carried out after rough milling of two large planes, and a quenching and tempering allowance is required for rough milling.

Rough Processing

After the ultrasonic inspection is qualified, the horizontal boring and milling machine will be roughened, leaving a quenching and quality allowance.

Tempering Treatment

After rough processing, first tempered to relieve stress, then heated to 880 ℃ for quenching after air cooling, and then tempered.

Rough Milling

After quenching, tempering and passing the hardness test, the shape will be roughed and milled on six sides.

Punch Hoisting Hole

NC machining hoisting hole (go-no go fixed gauges test by CCIC) is convenient for lifting.

First Medium Rough Processing

The vertical machining center processes front and back, leaving 2-3MM margin.

Stress-Relieve Treatment

After first medium rough processing, tempering to relieve stress and prevent deformation.

Secondary Medium Rough Processing (Semi-Finishing)

The vertical machining center processes semi-finishing on the front and back, leaving a 0.8MM allowance. The shape is finely milled, and the plane is smooth.

Deep Hole Machining

CNC deep hole drilling to process water holes, oil passage holes and thimble holes.

Front and Back Finishing

Vertical machining center front and back finish machining, plane finish milling, front and back frame hole alignment (shape and position tolerance detection by CCIC, check the number of processing items)

Side Finishing

Horizontal machining center, side profile finish milling, side frame hole finish machining


NC gong teeth for tooth holes above M20, bottom holes for NC machining below M20, and send to drilling machine for tapping (CCIC checks all tooth holes during inspection, and tests deep holes)

Plate Finishing

Clean the oil stains on the plate and blow off the residual iron filings

Three-Coordinate Inspection

After the plate is sent to the three-coordinate constant temperature for a period of time, the shape and position tolerances of all frame holes are detected


Make trial assembly of all accessories and spare parts, complete inspection of the whole set of mold bases, and check the degree of cooperation between the accessories and whether the upper and lower molds can be opened and closed smoothly


After the mold frame is assembled, we do anti-rust work, carry out film packaging, and make pallet bundling


Warehousing department arranges shipment to customers

Fine Model Award

Provincial High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center

Industrialization Demonstration Project Enterprise

Proof of Authorizing

Fine Model Award

Professional Technology

Quality management system, environmental management system certification.
Key backbone mold enterprise in China.
National high-tech enterprise.
Proof of authorizing.
High-tech enterprise.

Ingot Smelting

  • 1.Smelting method: EF+LF+VD/Ladle ingots are called ingots, and the quality of ingots as raw materials is vital!
  • 2.Smelting step:Raw material preparation and ingredients/Electric furnace smelting/Ladle Refining/Ingot casting

Raw Material Forging

  • 1.Raw material forging press for 8000 tons.2.
  • 2.For modules above 50T, the deformation forging ratio is ≥2.0. We use WHF core forging, upsetting twice and drawing lengths twice.
  • 3.After forging, it needs to be normalized and tempered. According to the thickness of the material, the normalizing and tempering time is different. It is necessary to ensure enough time, and then air-cooled to saw off the two risers and nozzles at both end.

Rough Milling

  • 1.Milling
  • 2.Forging blanks
  • 3.The maximum machining size of rough milling is 5000*3000*2000

Material Flaw Detection

  • 1.NDT non-destructive testing.
  • 2.After rough milling of two large planes, the straight probe is used for 100% well-type scanning, and the flaw detection requires to meet the national standard D/d level. After the flaw detection, we use a spectrometer to detect the material composition and metallographic phase.

Tempering Treatment

  • 1.Quenching process / Tempering process
  • 2.2natural gas furnaces
  • Maximum capacity size 6000*3000*2500
  • Load bearing: 150T working temperature 950℃
  • Temperature difference ±1.5℃
  • 3.3 electric furnaces
  • Maximum capacity size 4000*3200*1300
  • Weight: 50T
  • Working temperature 950℃
  • Temperature difference ±1.5℃


  • 1983

    Taizhou Huangyan Jiayou Mould Material Co., Ltd. was established.

  • 2005

    In October 2005, the workshop was 2,000 square meters, and the mold frame production line was established.

  • 2007

    From 2007 to 2008, it officially entered into the die-casting industry.

  • 2011

    Sales exceeded 200 million, forming a stable domestic and foreign sales system network.

  • 2021

    In October 2021, the whole factory moved to Huzhou(Kejia covers 66666.67㎡),in the hope of taking lead in the lightweight integrated die casting body of the automobile.In order to m...

  • To Date

    In October 2021, the whole factory will be relocated to Changxing, Zhejiang, and will continue to carry out business transformation and industrial upgrading. The goal is to become ...


Our Footprints Are Around The World We provide quality products and Services to customers from all over the world

Kejia specializes in the production of high-quality automotive die-casting mold bases, relying on the intelligent production mode of the integrated die-casting body mold to complete the integration of body and chassis production. We are a reliable partner for well-known domestic and foreign brands, such as Xiaopeng, Ideal and Weilai. LookIing forward to your joining.

Our Commitment

Kejia is a professional manufacturer of die casting mold frame and plastic mold frame, and the main products are die-casting body structure mold frame and injection mold frame. Although the markets, applications and customers vary from one to one, Kejia’s 20 years of experience in die casting manufacturing will help guide our customers to success.


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